Marine and Cargo Insurance

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  • What is Marine and Cargo Insurance?

    If you are an importer or exporter you will need to seriously consider taking comprehensive marine and cargo insurance for your goods, as a loss of or damage to your stock can negatively impact your business's financial and reputational image.

    Hollard Botswana’s Marine Insurance and Cargo Insurance offers an extensive range of transport insurance-related products. Through partnerships, we provide valuable skills, knowledge and innovation when approaching the issue of cargo insurance and marine transport insurance solutions for your business.

    What does Marine Insurance cover?

    • Cargo insurance
    • The possibility of a loss of profits
    • Stocks and throughputs
    • Goods in transit
    • Damage to commercial hulls
    • All builders’ risks
    • All road haulier liability
    • High-valued pleasure crafts and luxury boats
    • Any marine liabilities
    • Deprivation extensions

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