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  • How to become a Hollard Broker

    Hollard Botswana Insurance Brokers are especially selected for their knowledge and experience in the Botswana insurance market.

    Hollard Botswana values partnership, and we welcome partners who share our vision and commitment to service excellence.

    The procedure for becoming a Hollard Botswana Insurance Broker is as follows:

    • The broker submits an application with Hollard Botswana. The application should include the following documents:

      - Company profile

      - Company registration certificate

      - Certificate of registration from NBFIRA

      - Tax Clearance Certificate from BURS

    • Hollard Botswana will call to arrange a meeting with the broker to discuss the relevant issues. This will include the minimum expectations of both parties and service level requirements

    • Following discussion, Hollard Botswana and the broker will sign a Service Level Agreement, at which point the broker can begin placing business with Hollard

    For more information on becoming a Hollard Botswana broker, please call Hollard Botswana on +267 395 8023.