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  • Why use an insurance broker

    We've put together five reasons to use an insurance broker, particularly a Hollard Broker.

    1. Cost

    Broker pricing is usually better than direct insurance pricing. Brokers deal with a number of insurers so they have the capacity to shop around for a best price for you.

    2. Convenience

    Hollard brokers offer a pleasant online service, and are far more proactive after they receive the initial quote request from you.

    3. Efficiency

    The speed and efficiency with which Hollard Brokers tend to manage their clients’ policies throughout the policy life cycle is second to none.

    4. Peace of mind

    Hollard Brokers are extremely efficient at cross checking policies; usually more so than consumers, and are also very good at educating their customers, and answering queries.

    5. Personal security

    Brokers, being far better equipped to deal with specific insurance questions and used to discussions, always give customers a stronger feeling that they are in good hands. Clients’ personal data is safe in the care of Hollard Brokers. Hollard's recommendation would be to trust your brokers, let them shop for you, and you will likely reap dividend, whilst simply living your life. Get the right cover today by contacting a Hollard Insurance Broker in Botswana.

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