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  • What is Engineering Insurance?

    It’s not unusual for issues to arise while working on large engineering and construction projects. Hollard Botswana’s Engineering Insurance covers your projects against financial losses you may incur due to an unexpected incident.

    Engineering Insurance offers a wide range of products to protect your construction projects and manage the risk of items that are crucial to the success of your endeavour.

    What does Engineering Insurance cover?

    Hollard Botswana’s Engineering Insurance policy covers the following against a collection of risks:

    • Building
    • Civil
    • Mechanical engineering projects

    Engineering Insurance includes:

    • Contractors and all risks involved therein
    • Works
    • Third-party liability
    • Advanced loss of profits
    • Building erection and all risks involved therein
    • The contractor's own plant and machinery
    • Any machinery breakdown and the resulting loss of profit
    • Performance guarantees
    • Electronic equipment breakdown and the resulting loss of profit
    • Civil engineering involved

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