• Construction Bonds
  • What is Construction Insurance – bonds and guarantees?

    In the daily running of your business, it is necessary to have securities providing sufficient backup for your construction bonds and guarantees. Hollard Botswana’s Construction Bonds and Construction Guarantees will assist your business to maintain and fulfil your contractual agreements.

    What does Construction Guarantees and Bonds Insurance cover?

    • Bid Bonds/Securities – undertaking to issue a guarantee where the contractor is awarded the contract

    • Advance Payment Guarantees – guarantee to repay the employer should the contractor use the advance other than for the purchase of the contract materials

    • Performance Guarantees – guarantee that the contractor will perform the work as specified in the contract

    • Retention Guarantees – guarantee that the contractor shall provide repairs and/or maintenance for a specific period

    • Materials On/Off-Site Guarantees – guarantees ownership to the employer where the contractor fails to build the materials into the contract works

    • Customs and Excise Bonds – guarantee that the contractor shall re-import plant and equipment used for neighbour state contracts

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