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  • What is Alternative Risk Transfer?

    We offer Alternative Risk Transfer, especially for those corporate clients interested in financial insurance solutions other than traditional risk cover.

    Alternative Risk Transfer Insurance provides funds to cover unexpected losses experienced by a company, as a form of Risk Capital Management. It can be used by a company as a type of self-insurance where conventional insurance policies may become too expensive.

    Hollard has a 4-step approach to Alternative Risk Cover solutions

    1. Organisational analysis is carried out to gain a better understanding of the strategic direction of a company and its corporate insurance goals, enabling us to design a risk finance programme specifically aligned with its goals and objectives.
    2. Risk exposure analysis of existing exposures is available across the total risk spectrum. This identifies exposures that aren't protected or are only partially protected and analyses the cost-efficiency of conventional liability insurance.
    3. Financial analysis determines the company’s ability to absorb losses, without materially affecting its financial status
    4. Statistical analysis of losses is implemented for the period of the last three years. This allows us to identify predictable loss patterns that should ideally be retained or not transferred to the insurer.