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  • What is Building and Related Risk?

    Hollard Botswana offers multifaceted Building Insurance solutions to safeguard your organisation’s buildings and structures against any unforeseen circumstances, natural disasters or intentional acts of malice.

    Structures covered by Building Insurance:

    • Building structures
    • Building roofs
    • Building windows
    • Internal and external glass fixtures
    • Recreational structures
    • Landlord-owned fixtures
    • Tarred and paved roads
    • Internal and external parking areas

    Building and Related Risk Insurance covers:

    • Fire
    • Explosions
    • Earthquakes
    • Aircraft, or devices and articles that may be dropped from them
    • Theft
    • Damage to sanitaryware
    • Damage caused by an animal
    • Damage caused by a vehicle
    • Damage to water, sewerage, gas, electricity and telecommunication connections

    Additional Building Insurance benefits:

    • Loss of rent benefit – Building Insurance covers the loss of rent that may result from the property being unable to be occupied
    • Liability benefit – Business Insurance covers you for the accidental death, injury or illness of a person on your property at the time. This includes the accidental loss or damage of physical goods that may belong to a person on the property
    • Malicious damage benefit – this benefit covers for loss or damage to property as that result of an intentional, malicious act

    Policy terms and conditions apply.

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