All Risk Insurance

Take the risk out of carrying valuables with All Risks Insurance from Hollard Insurance Botswana

What is All Risk Insurance

These days it’s practically impossible to negotiate the modern world without essential hi-tech tools such as laptops and cellphones.

Whether for business or personal use, it is increasingly likely that you will be carrying expensive portable items with you everywhere you go. An unfortunate fact of modern life is that no matter how vigilant you may be you are still vulnerable to the loss of such valuables.

To offer you freedom and flexibility to carry personal items without worry, Hollard Botswana’s All Risks Insurance provides insurance cover for all portable items. This risk insurance also covers jewellery, clothes and other valuables to suit any lifestyle.

Please note that the All Risks Insurance policy excludes theft from unattended vehicles, electrical or mechanical breakdown and the loss of clothes from a washing line.


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