How To Claim

To make a claim, follow these simple steps

By accurately following the following steps, you will ensure that your claim is paid as quickly as possible without complication.

1. Notify Us 

Notify us of your insurance claim within 72 hours of the insured event. Please deliver all relevant information and details to us within 30 days of the insured event.

2. Notify the Police

Where applicable, notify the police within 24 hours of the insured event. Send us a copy of your statement to the police within 14 days, informing us of the police station and reference number.

3. Send us your documentation 

Immediately send us any documentation, processes or correspondence you receive in connection with the insured event by fax, email or express mail. You are not permitted to instruct your own attorney to recover from or defend any actions from a third party. Under no circumstances admit liability, make any statements, offers, promises or payment to, or negotiate or settle your claim with any person claiming damages from you.

Please find the specific Hollard claim forms below. Note that there are also supporting documentation that you will have to submit for a successful claim.

4. Do you have any other insurance cover?

Advise us of any other insurance in force covering the insured event.

5. Provide us with information during the claim process

Provide us with such proof, information, affidavits and cooperation Hollard Insurance Botswana may require to process the insurance claim

6. Obtain written approval for repairs

Please obtain our written approval before giving instructions for repairs or replacements.

7. Pay the excess amount as agreed upon

You will be responsible for the excesses as set out in the Schedule of Insurance in respect of each claim.

8. Your assistance might be required even further

Assist us in any recovery action instituted by us against any third party responsible for loss or damage that may proceed in your name and/or for the identification of the property stolen and recovered and the prosecution of those responsible - for which assistance we will reimburse you for your reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

Documentation required to make an insurance claim

House owners

Two repair/replacement quotations

Police report in the case of fire or theft


Two repair/replacement quotations

Police report in the case of fire or theft

Accident and disability

Copy of your Identity Document (Omang)

Copy of salary payslip

Medical certificates

Police report in case of motor vehicle accidents

Motor accident

Copy of driver’s licence

At least two repair quotations

Copy of the vehicle registration book

Police report

Motor theft

Copy of the registration book

Police report or case/reference number

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your insurance claim against one of our products - or one of our insurance claims processes - you can contact us at +258 21 357 700.